I Hope You Think Of Me The Way I Think Of You

Thoughts: “an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind.” 

60,000 thoughts a day 
3,000 per minute 

With so much to ponder 
All the facets of our multidimensional lives 
Do you think we ever think about each other at the same time? 

I deleted our photos  
Better late than never 
I really have moved on 
But haven’t done better  

Even if it feels better in the moment 
Or for a few months  
The long-term care 
Is not enough 

You cloud my judgment of every guy I meet  
They all share fragments of the man I used to see 
But no one is you 
No one has made me feel as alive as you did 
I am open 
I am trying 
I am in a new city on my own, experiencing it all 

But I sit here and reflect on the possibility that maybe you  
Just like me  
Could be spending just one of your 60,000 thoughts on me