John Diez

I Know I Need To Move On, But You Left Me Broken-Hearted

Time has passed since I last saw you
Has it been months, maybe years
Times have changed but this heart won’t
Guess maybe it’s time to move on

But for some reason I couldn’t 
We had history together
We’ve known each other for so long
It’s hard to let that go

We’ve talked to each about a lot of things
Things that we wouldn’t tell our other friends
The secrets that we shared
We wouldn’t tell a single soul

Surprisingly, we’ve never moved past the best friend stage
Even though everyone thought we were together
We’ve even shared our first romantic slow dance together
I thought we could have been something

Sadly, that’s all in the past
When you left me one day
Without an explanation or warning
It left me a lot of questions

I know you have your own life
But I wish you would told me
About how you were feeling
On that day before you left me forever

Was it something I did wrong
Or you were hiding something from me
I would never know because you don’t talk to me
We don’t talk like we used to anymore

I know life has taken us on different career paths
But that doesn’t mean that we should stop talking all of a sudden
I guess I didn’t mean that much to you
Like I thought you would

I didn’t try anymore since you left
We’ve stopped texting each about our lives
Our FaceTime calls just faded away
Like I didn’t know who you were anymore

If we only had one more day 
Just for me ask how you were feeling at that time
Then maybe things would have been clear
But that isn’t the case

I’ve lost track on how much time has passed
And I’ve heard time heals wounds 
But I know this heart won’t for a while
No matter how much time has passed

I know I have to move on
Since friends come and go
But with you, it’s tough
You’re special to me

But you left me broken-hearted