I May Not Be Able To Control What Happens In Life, But I Can Choose How I Heal

The world went from black and white to a life full of color, emotion, and happiness when I accepted the fact that I cannot change what happens externally, but I can control how I make the best of it and heal from the difficult circumstances. How beautiful is it to experience the beauty of a simple moment, just like the ones where I walk in the sunlight with the constant warm heat of the sun hitting my bare skin. To have a plan, to set attainable goals, and work towards them (and maybe a few just out of reach) while exploring what I love makes me realize how blessed I am.

Whether it is the grayness of a winter day in the middle of February or the hot, humid heat of an August summer day, to be happy is a welcome embrace, even in a mundane routine of the 9 to 5. Even on the crisp days with the sprinkling of light snowflakes from the skies above, with my breath visible in the air and my hands frozen, the inner serenity of loving life and trusting the process is a comforting feeling that I feel so deeply within. To also help others that are going through tough times and are struggling the way I once have, that is what I feel called to do. 

To make mistakes and have the courage to stand up again is the essence of life. To smile, to love, to laugh without fear of judgement, to joke with those closest to me about things no one else would understand, it brings light to even the darkest of days. To agree to disagree on difficult conversations, to understand one another in times of conflict, it is all about the simplest of ways to continue being a curious individual while growing alongside the ones I care for. 

Alongside the right people, therein lies a better version of myself that I didn’t know was even possible. Together, help each other to become better human beings. When something as beautiful as that happens when I see the genuineness of someone, I begin to love and care for them truly for their mind, heart, and soul. I love them purely and freely for all that they stand for and forget about being judged by others, because the only thing that matters are the people who are beside me—the people I do life with. I became drawn to them as individuals and who I understood them to be, not based off the perceptions of others.

That is where I know that whatever feels right by my heart and mind, if it means taking a risk—even a leap through the unknown—that is what is going to lead to living my best life.