Patrick Porto

I Never Thought You Would Betray Me

I guess I was wrong
From the start, I thought it would be a lifetime
A lifetime where we can tell each other everything
But boy, I was so wrong

I’ve already been heartbroken two times
I was hoping this one would work out
Third times the charm is what they said
Again, it was third time brokenhearted

Has it been several months already?
That last time you’ve spoke to me
Just through a text message
That was just a love song

I wasn’t sure if that meant anything or not
You didn’t explain to me
And then you left me on read
Didn’t realize that would be the last text you sent me

I was left confused and hurt
I had no idea what was going on
You never said anything to me again
As you continue on with your own life

I’ve sent you several text messages a couple of months later
Hoping you would respond
However, no word came out of you
As you continue to post on social media like it was nothing

I’ve never knew you would do that to me
Did you find someone else?
Someone else to mess with
Or did you find someone that you love?

Now, I’m not sure anymore
As I moved on in my life
The hurt and confusion that you inflicted on me
Has left me with so much numbness

As I’ve sent you one last text
Calling out on your behavior and for what you’ve done
I was done
Done with you

Ghosting is not what I take lightly
From your silence
I guess I’ve figure what kind of person you are
As you still continue to post on social media like I was nothing to you

From where you stand
I guess that it was over for us
I have no idea what’s going in your life now
As I’ve blocked you from my life

Today, I’m still hurt for what you did
I’ve never thought it would end this way
The way it did
I’ve felt so betrayed