I Still Want The Best For You

I still listen to the songs you showed me  
I am still playing the piano 
I am still learning Spanish  
—both hobbies I began when we met 

I think about you sometimes 
Quite frankly, I wonder if you also think about me  
But I quickly remind myself that you and I are the most different individuals that G-d could create. 
With you, I feel very grateful that we ended when we did because I wouldn’t be here living out my dreams if I were still with you today.
My life would have been on a completely different path—  
But I do wish we could talk again.  
What is it about me? Always wanting more, never accepting the end, never allowing myself to fully let go of anyone in my life. 
I care for you  
As much as you hurt me.  
You broke me in a way I have never been broken.  But it is okay. Because I got back up much stronger than before I met you.  
I just truly wish you could hear my voice tell you what I have wanted to say for months I wish you could take my advice to fix your life and become the man I know you can be  And as weird as it sounds  
I do still want the best for you—as much as your commitment issues rattled me up  

You impacted me in a lot of ways  
You showed me how to become a better version of myself 
I am proud of who I was becoming when we met and who I have continued to grow into since you left with not an ounce of respect 

I still listen to the songs you showed me 
I remember your little dance too 
I am still playing the piano 
Touching every key as gently as I once touched you  
I am still learning Spanish
I’ve finally become better than you 

And I write all of this merely to thank you.