I Think You’re Worth The Wait

I really want to think it’s you.

I really want to think that time is what’s needed for you.

To figure things out, like you said, without letting people down.

Despite how I may have felt, and despite what you may think, you never let me down. I know I can’t speak for other people, but that is as much as I know when it comes to you and me.

I met you just when I was beginning to give up on my belief that affection and feelings of admiration for someone were useless. I learned very quickly and at a young age that many times these exact feelings are never reciprocated or returned. Sometimes you fall in love with someone and realize that the spaces between those letters hold manipulation and abuse. Sometimes you meet someone and drive home feeling that there’s a lack of color in the connection.

And then sometimes you meet someone and you think they’re all right at first. But when you get to know them more, their face just becomes them. Their personality becomes who they are, and they just become something so unique and so beautiful.

And for some reason, that’s how I feel about you.

In just a short amount of time I found myself thinking about you at random points in the day. And at the end of the day, despite having felt like I’ve ran around the world twice, I wondered if thought about me too when I know your mind must be occupied with something else.

I won’t convince myself to understand how stressed you really must be right now. And I know I’ve tried opening the door for you to say how you feel.

But I won’t force you to show and tell, for I know what it’s like to have your feelings pushed out and ultimately regretting it shortly after.

I don’t know what you did to make me care for you this much and I don’t even know your middle name.

But you have settled into my mind, and I’ve grown to really care about you. Although I rolled my eyes at the idea of potentially falling for you, that exact thing happened. I fought it, but I won’t run away from it anymore.

I still wait for you on the other end, hoping you’ll reach out to me and say what goes on in that funny little head of yours.

But I don’t know if that day will ever come.

And that’s okay. I’ll still be here for you even if I’m not the one you want.

You probably didn’t expect me to write for you. In fact, I didn’t expect to either.

But you stick out in my mind as someone who I said from the very beginning was so refreshingly different. And isn’t that enough reason to write about you?

To be quite frank, I didn’t know someone like you existed, so I feel like I’ve lost something that had the potential to be so beautiful. If you did take a chance on me, what would our lives be like?

I guess I won’t know.

But the thing I have to remember is that sometimes what’s needed is time. And if time is kind to both of us, then this might be something worth waiting for. I know in my heart it is.

But I don’t know if you feel the same.

I hope that one day things will start to look up, and that you’ll change your mind.

But until then, promise to spare me a thought every so often.

And I promise I will too.