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I Want More From You Than Just Your Body

You’re on my mind.
On my mind.
On my mind.
On my body, on my mind…

Coaxing my body out of its dormancy.
Waking up every inch of me.
That pulsation echoing throughout my entire being.
It’s started again.
For you.
For you.

I had been so pleasantly turned off, blissfully numb.
I don’t have a sex drive when I’m on my own.
Seemingly asexual.
But you came along and it’s all I can think about:
Your body.
On my body.
When can I get you alone again?
Can’t miss my chance this time.

Never even kissed, barely touched hands.
But the electricity that finds me when you’re nearby cannot be ignored.
The fire that burns inside of me when you make eye contact with me and smile.
I feel my soul levitate for a moment.

When will you make your move?
Are you going to make me do it?
You know I won’t be able to hold myself back.
I’m just an animal now.
Waiting for you.
A cat on a hot tin roof.

And I don’t know if I’m ready to go down this road again.
I’m scared.
To be with someone.

It’s not a casual act.
Not when it’s good.
And I need it to be good.
I deserve for it to be good.

Can you take me seriously enough to take that in?
To take me in?
Can you handle me?
I promise I can handle you.

Are you ready to go there with me?
It’s a big responsibility.
And like everything in life, I don’t do it half-assed.
I commit.
With everything I have.

It takes a real man to take on the responsibility of a naked woman in front of him.
It takes a real man to take on me.

I wonder if you’re thinking about it as much as I am.
I wonder how long it will take us to officially cross the line.

I don’t want to make the first move.
I want you to do it.
I want you to do it.

But I’m terrified.
There’s such a fine line before I lose my control.
And I’m scared that you will only want me for sex once we start. I’m so scared that you will forget what you liked about me before.

I don’t want just sex.
I don’t do just sex.
I need more.

I need a human being capable of showing up and being honest.
With himself and with me.
I need an authentic someone who knows themselves as well as I know myself.
I need a person who stands in the face of a challenge with unbounded pleasure…

Does that sound like you?