I Want To Do Autumn With You

I want to do autumn with you. 

Together we will spend our days chasing the generous autumn light. We will adventure up every mountain we can find longing for a distant view. Every step we take we will crunch across the crisp leaves and cold earth gently falling asleep. A wind will blow the leaves from their hold on the trees and they will be carried in the air like paint moving across space. At the top, we’ll gaze across a rolling landscape of colors and change. We will fill our bodies with mountain air and feel where this wilderness air helps us release. We will walk away lighter and more vulnerable, with more wisdom from the trees.

I want to do autumn with you.

Our eyes will land on a strong wide open horizon as the sun is tucking in earlier and earlier each day. It magnifies the sky and falls on the world as a song of golden light. We take it all in through the warmth of our skin. Our bones hold tenderly the peace given to us by this wild and pure light. We are safe here in this moment to tuck the love that hasn’t found words back into our own hearts to soothe the soul and open our eyes to the kindness of the world. 

I want to do autumn with you.

Here we are, under layers of soft cotton holding in our own warmth. A sky of stars and slowly drifting clouds above. We sit around the fire, burning logs from old fallen trees. Watching quietly as each one turns to ash and smoke, ash and smoke. We feel alive among the intensity of wild flames. The fire is the life at the center. 

Steady bodies, steady breath.

Stories pouring 

from the heart

into the silence 

of the space

taken by the heat 

of the flames 

smoke and ash 

smoke and ash

brings us light 

on this autumn night.