If He Isn’t Matching Your Energy, He Isn’t Worth Your Effort

If He Isn’t Matching Your Energy, He Isn’t Worth Your Effort

You deserve someone who matches your energy. Someone who is just as excited about the relationship as you are. Someone who cannot wait to see you and brag to all their friends about you. Indifference might not seem like a dealbreaker at first. You might think that they’re simply playing it cool and might even like how mysterious they seem. But after a while, the allure is going to wear off. Which is why you deserve someone who matches your energy, who gives as much as you do. Here are some signs that you’re incompatible because they aren’t matching your energy:

They will tag along with you – but complain the entire time. If you need them to play your plus-one at concerts or clothing stores, they’ll come along with you. But they won’t be happy about it. They’ll whine about what you’re doing the entire time. They’ll make the experience miserable for you instead of trying to have fun. Trying to enjoy the time spent with you. Trying to make the most of the situation.

They are never excited about your accomplishments. Your partner is supposed to be your biggest supporter. They’re not supposed to diminish your hard work. They’re not supposed to give lukewarm replies when you get excited about an achievement or opportunity. And they’re certainly not supposed to tear you down and doubt you. You deserve someone who believes in your potential. Someone who thinks the world of you and knows you can conquer anything.

They couldn’t care less about your interests. You don’t need to date a clone. They don’t need to share all of your hobbies and interests. But when you get excited about something, they should be happy that you’re happy. They should want to share your exciting moments with you, even if they don’t fully understand them. If they wish you would shut up about your favorite shows and bands and passions, then they don’t deserve any part of you.

They are never the first to say those three little words. You shouldn’t be the only person in the relationship showing affection. And you shouldn’t have to ask them to buy you flowers or reassure you that they still care about you. They should want to do those things. They should be excited to spend time together – and they should let you know that. They should show their love through their actions and through their words.

They do the bare minimum to be a good partner. They’ll buy you presents on anniversaries and birthdays – but they won’t put much thought into picking them out. They’ll answer your texts whenever you message them – but they won’t say anything cute or initiate the conversation when you aren’t around. They’ll be a decent partner – but they won’t go above and beyond. They won’t do more than necessary. That way, you technically can’t complain about them being horrible because technically they aren’t doing anything wrong.

They rarely talk about the future. They don’t get excited about the thought of buying a house or a pet with you. They don’t come up with plans about trips you’re going to take together or adventures that you’ll go on. They don’t seem all that excited to spend the future with you – or even the present.