If I Still Fight With You, It Means I Still Care

How do you keep a relationship going? It’s the million-dollar question we’re all asking ourselves. Is it communication? Is it trust? Or maybe it’s just timing? Or a combination of everything? Everyone you ask will have a different answer. Personally, I think you have to fight with your partner to keep your relationship going, because it means you still care enough to put in the effort.

If I still fight with you, it means I still want you. And to be clear, I’m not talking about shouting and screaming at one another without getting your points across. That’s a toxic relationship that we should all avoid, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Instead, I mean fighting for your happiness and love without fear and hesitation. If you don’t, do you truly have love?

If I still fight with you, it means I still care. I want us to solve whatever problem we’re dealing with. I want us to come to a mutual understanding because I value our relationship and connection more than being right or winning an argument. No matter the disagreement, I want us to come out on the better side of things.

If I still fight with you, it means I value you. I want you in my life, so I’ll do whatever it takes to fix our issues and keep you close to me. It means I see a future with you, filled with happiness and love. So I choose to fight for us instead of going silent and hoping time will fix our problems. I want to talk things out because I respect you and what you mean to me.

When I don’t fight with you anymore, that’s when you should start to worry.

It shows apathy — I’m tired and exhausted. I no longer want to fix whatever was broken because I always felt like I was the only one fighting for us. I got burnt out from trying to patch up the broken trust and failed promises, keeping us together even though we were slowly drifting apart.

When that starts to happen, you’ve already lost me. I gave it all I had, and you didn’t even meet me halfway. So, if you want to start fighting for us when I already gave up, it’s too late. You only realize that what you’d had was important when you lose it, and that’s the lesson we all have to learn sometimes. And that’s okay.

So, be happy when I fight with you, when I fight for us. Because that’s when you know how much what we have means to me.

And as long as you’re fighting alongside me, I will never give up.