If They Don’t Give You These 7 Feelings, Dump Them Before The New Year

If They Don’t Give You These 7 Feelings, Dump Them Before The New Year

You never feel appreciated.

You do so much for them, but they never say thank you. They never remind you how wonderful it is to have you in their life. They take and take until you’re exhausted, and they don’t even show a shred of gratitude. Even though you’re doing these things for them out of the kindness of your heart, it’s nice to be acknowledged. If they can’t even spare a few sweet words, then they don’t deserve you.  

You never feel smart.

Your partner shouldn’t act like they’re better than you. They shouldn’t minimize your accomplishments, make fun of your interests, or disregard your emotions. They should respect you and what you have to say. If they make you feel silly when you’re opening up to them about something you care about, they need to go.

You never feel comfortable.

Butterflies are normal in the beginning of the relationship — but you should never feel completely uncomfortable with them. You should never feel like you’re walking on eggshells and they might explode if you say the wrong thing. You should feel like you can be your real self around them. You should feel like you’re safe in their arms. If your gut is telling you something is wrong, then get out.

You never feel included.

They don’t invite you out with their friends or introduce you to their family members. Their life with you is completely separate from their life with everyone else. You aren’t sure whether the other people in their world even know you exist. It’s like they’re hiding you away, keeping you as a secret. It doesn’t matter whether they’re doing this because they have other people on the side or are trying to keep things casual. If you want something serious and they’re not giving it to you, that’s reason enough to leave.

You never feel special.

Even though you’ve done so much for them, they never return the favor. They never surprise you with presents or leave cute little notes around the house. You’re putting in much more effort and are starting to feel like the relationship has become one-sided. There’s zero romance from their side. Even after you’ve told them this is a problem, they haven’t put any energy into fixing it.  

You never feel attractive.

Maybe they’re comparing you to other people – or maybe they simply aren’t saying anything at all. Either way, you shouldn’t feel like your partner is indifferent about you. It’s heartbreaking when your partner doesn’t notice something different you’ve done with your appearance or compliment you. Your person should be hyping you up. Even if they aren’t good with words, they should find other ways to make you feel wanted.

You never feel happy.

You shouldn’t settle for a partner who is mediocre. Just because there’s technically nothing wrong with them on paper doesn’t mean they’re the right one for you. You need someone who puts a smile on your face, someone you’re excited to see when they walk through the door. If you never laugh with them, and never really care whether they stay or go, then you’re in the wrong relationship.