If They Really Want To Date You, They Won’t Send Mixed Signals

If They Really Wanted To Date You, They Wouldn’t Send Mixed Signals

Someone might send mixed signals when they like you but aren’t ready for a relationship. If they wanted to date you, if they were serious about creating a strong, transparent relationship with you, then they wouldn’t send you mixed signals. They wouldn’t make you question how much they care. They would be upfront about their feelings so that the relationship could start as soon as possible. They wouldn’t want to wait another second that they could be spending with you. They wouldn’t want to cause you an extra ounce of pain that the wondering would trigger.

Yes, some people are too shy to come forward with their feelings. They are too nervous to make the first move by revealing how they really feel. But if they really wanted a serious relationship with you, they wouldn’t give you reasons to think that they don’t care. They wouldn’t do anything to actively hurt you. They wouldn’t refuse to put a label on the relationship or flirt with other people in front of you or tell you one thing one day and contradict themselves the next day.

If they really wanted a serious relationship with you, then they wouldn’t send mixed signals. They wouldn’t make you interpret their behaviors. Their intentions might not be completely clear, but their respect for you will be apparent. Their care for you will be obvious.

Someone who is serious about pursuing a relationship with you isn’t going to waste time playing games. They aren’t going to make you feel unwanted or alone. They are going to show up for you. They are going to be there when you need them. They are going to be as present as possible.  

Someone might be interested in you enough to flirt with you, but send mixed signals because they aren’t sure if dating you is something that they actually want. They might like you enough to daydream about you and tell their friends about you and maybe even kiss you, but if they’re sending mixed signals, they probably aren’t interested in a serious relationship. They aren’t interested in taking your connection to the next level. They’re happy with the way things are. They’re okay with it stagnating. They aren’t imagining more.

Mixed signals usually mean that they’re leading you on, that they aren’t ready for a relationship at this moment in their life, or that they’re unsure about what they want from you. But if they’re serious about a relationship with you, they will do anything within their power not to fuck it up, not to hurt you, not to make things more complicated than they need to be. If they really want a relationship with you, then they won’t send any mixed signals at all.

Please, don’t spend too much time trying to decipher mixed signals because they right person won’t leave you wondering. They won’t give you reasons to cry into your pillowcase at night. They’ll treat you right from the start. They’ll rise to the occasion and give you what you deserve.