Samson Katt

If You Really Want To Start Achieving, You Have To Start Believing In Yourself

We are all suckers for superhero stories. It feels good to see someone else rise up against all odds. Sure, on a large scale Marvel feature film, but also in our everyday lives.

The fireman who saved a cat from a tree, the local charity who donated enough food for hundreds of kids meals, or the local bystander that stood up for someone getting bullied.

It’s beautiful that in our hearts, we see and have this appreciation for heroes. We have hope. That people will do the right thing. We have hope that even in our ordinary lives we can be a little extraordinary.

But when do we look at ourselves as heroes? And I don’t mean cape and cloak, but maybe the internal feeling. That you finally can do the impossible. That you feel proud and in awe of yourself. That you can achieve anything you want in this life.

Why is it so easy to believe in others yet fail to fully believe in ourselves?

Maybe it’s the constant chatter in your brain. Telling you to stay put. Or to stay comfortable. And while this chatter can be helpful in dangerous situations, if we glue ourselves to comfort our whole lives, we’ll never see what we are really capable of.

What would happen if you began to believe in yourself just a bit more? What could you accomplish? How would you feel?

The truth is, we don’t need a superhero storyline in order to believe in ourselves. You just need to start.

This could be in the way you speak to yourself. The thoughts that rush to your head the first thing in the morning. Or the words that support you even when you feel scared or uncertain.

Don’t wait until you have unanimous support. Don’t wait for everything in your life to perfectly align. Because odds are, that may never happen.

You have to start believing in yourself now, even if no one else does. Even if it feels hard at first. This is your life and your time to make the most out of what you do.

Imagine it. Imagine yourself 10 years from now, thanking your past self for simply believing. Because you can achieve all you desire in this life.

 As long as you believe.