Caleb Oquendo

If You Want God To Bless You With A Good Relationship, You Need To Start Here

What do you need to have the marriage or relationship you really want? 

Be vulnerable with yourself first. In order to truly get the heart work done, you need to be honest about your situation, inwardly and outwardly. Are you connecting with God the way you should? Do you use foul language or talk down to your partner? Are you selfish or selfless in your intimate relationships? You must begin with asking yourself these questions and more if you really want God to bless you with a good marriage or relationship.

Use this tradition as a guide to what you need to do in order to transform your relationships for the better. “If you were to trust in God the way you should, He would provide for you the way He feeds the birds. They leave the nest in the morning with their bellies empty, and they come back at night with their bellies full.”

What is the main point that we gather from this tradition? Answer: the birds left the nest. That’s how God fed them. Could He have fed them without them leaving the nest? Of course. However, God not only created the creation, but He has also created cause and effect within His creation. That being the case, you must be vulnerable with yourself in order to heal. You must be honest with yourself about what kind of marriage or relationship you want to have. You must be clear about what you can contribute to a powerful union with another soul.

It’s difficult, but look at it this way. Being vulnerable with yourself will only benefit you in establishing a powerful and beneficial bond with someone else. After all, being vulnerable, opening yourself up to another human being is a major part of marriage and relationships. When you take this step with yourself, you will be ahead of the curve. I get it. There are many unhealthy stories and attachments that automatically go along with vulnerability which makes it extremely hard. However, vulnerability is exactly what you need to prepare yourself for the marriage or relationship you want. Rid yourself of the belief that vulnerability has to equal weakness. That’s not the case. Especially when you start by practicing it in order to heal and know yourself better. That is true strength and power.

Embracing this self vulnerability is what will take your life from feeling like something is missing, to feeling full and nourished. Embrace it now. Hurry up—don’t wait.