If You Want To Attract What You Want, You Need To Start Believing That You Deserve It

If you want to attract what you want, you need to start believing that you deserve it. Whatever it is—the job, the life, the love, the abundance, and the joy. You need to start believing that you can change the old story and break the chain, because it all begins with you. You can try your hardest to fight for what you want and convince everyone that you deserve it, but if you don’t feel it deep inside, if you don’t wholeheartedly feel that you are worthy of this thing, you will always have a hard time attracting it or maintaining it. Isn’t that what the secret is all about? Once you reprogram your thoughts and feelings into believing that you can get what you want and that it’s not impossible, it effortlessly comes to you. 

The truth is things come easily to me when I have no resistance towards them, when I don’t try too hard or worry whether or not they are going to come to me. I just have a natural conviction that these things belong to me or are easy to get. The resistance comes when it’s something new, something I’ve never had before, someone who intimidates me or someone I really want to impress. The resistance comes when it’s something that triggers an old wound or reminds me of a painful memory or stirs up one of my weaknesses or insecurities. That’s when it’s easier to just take a step back and not deal with it at all because the price of stagnation is better than the price of repeating the same mistake, failing again, or getting my heart broken again. The price of not getting what we want when we don’t try is sometimes better than trying and not getting it.

This is why it needs work because if you keep trying for only the things you are sure of or the things that you’re most likely to get, your life will always be the same, and you may miss out on some wonderful experiences and people just because of your fear. You don’t stop yourself and think that maybe this time if you try, you will win. That maybe this time, it doesn’t have to end in pain or heartbreak or failure. It’s hard to believe in something you’ve never done before or haven’t experienced before, I’m aware of that, but it’s not hard to believe that you are worthy of it, that if it comes to you, you won’t mess it up, that you’re just as good as those who already have it. It’s not hard to believe that if you desire something with all your heart, then you are surely meant to have it. 

You’d be surprised how many people don’t believe that they’re worthy of happiness or good things in life just because they were taught this mindset at a young age or they feel guilty when they don’t suffer or struggle for what they want. They adapted to things falling apart and things not working out for them; however, if you’re going to adapt to something, start adapting to being comfortable with getting exactly what you want, start adapting to the idea that you deserve to have your desires and wishes fulfilled and start adapting to the idea that you can always be the exception and the chosen one for what you want. This is how it starts—you believe it first and then it magically comes to you.