Muhammad Lutfy

If You Want To Attract Your Dream Life, Start With Your Thoughts

“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Whether we realize it or not, the frequency we are sending out into the world is attracting what we experience externally. That is to say that our internal reality has a direct impact on molding our lives. Knowing this is powerful—when you internalize it fully, you realize that you can change your perspective, alter your self-image, and let go of who you once were so you can encompass more of who you want to become.

But in order to let go of our old self-image, we have to realize that it was built on autopilot. The moment you become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions on a daily basis is the moment that you can change everything. Our thoughts reflect our feelings, which in turn cause us to take (or not take) certain actions. We are, as many say, a result of what we repeatedly do, and we can only change what we are experiencing by changing what we are emitting out into the world.

While this is much easier said than done, these tips will help you change the way you are subconsciously living your life and fuel it with authenticity, purposeful intention, and passion for who you are being so you can change the story of your life one page at a time:

1. Stop doing things to get somewhere.

While this may sound counterintuitive, we never want to do things out of desire solely to get to a place that we are not. Let go of the reasoning and instead choose to do things just for the love of it. Instead of going to the gym to get results, go to the gym because you ARE the type of person that loves to workout. Write that book you’ve always wanted, not because you’ve always dreamt of achieving a title, status, or fortune, but because you love the process of piecing together characters and ideas. While it may be uncomfortable to you at first, projecting a self-image based on something that you are passionate about is powerful because it’s deciding who you want to become.

2. Decrease importance on what you want.

So often when we have big goals and dreams, we place so much importance and resistance on achieving it, not realizing that we are subconsciously communicating to ourselves and others that we aren’t whole and complete unless we accomplish a specific feat. Put less importance on your goal by seeing it as natural. Doing otherwise is sending out a frequency of resistance towards that which you want, inevitably pushing it farther away from you. See what you want to achieve as completely normal to who you are. When you no longer emit the ‘neediness’ to achieve, you often get what you want effortlessly, assuming you put in the work.

3. Stop waiting.

Which brings me to my third and final tip: Stop waiting for something to come your way. Take deliberate, intentional action towards what you want and do it daily if you can. By doing so, you are not only building your self-confidence but changing the way you see yourself. Doing things on repeat until you become an expert and asking yourself what your ideal version of yourself would do each day is an important exercise. Become the person you desire even before it arrives. Give yourself permission to live fully without the stress of having to become something or someone. Be that person now!

Changing your self-image by taking purposeful action each day towards that which you ultimately want to become your reality will align your feelings, thoughts and actions with a person who DESERVES the life they love. With someone who DESERVES to be full and whole. Your self-image is what’s stopping you from being that person today, so make a choice to stop waiting for things to happen and take action today on what you want to create. I promise, you won’t regret a moment of it.