If You Want To Begin Your Healing Journey, Start With Self-Love

Everyone nowadays talks about self-love and being content with themselves, but no one talks about what self-love actually is. I believe that self-love and attainment of it is a part of healing. You might be flustered by the thought: What would I be healing from? To be honest, here, we all are healing from one thing or another that we don’t talk about, but deep down, we know it. We surely might not see it as a pathway connected to self-love, but trust me, it is.

We all have had our fair share of ups and downs. We’ve been through different series of moments in our life when we’ve not felt enough. Maybe for someone, some dress, some job, some friend, or even for ourselves. We’ve all been at a crossroads at some point in our life where we’ve only seen a lack of love from all sides—even from within. We’ve all had a glitch in our heart at some point in time and believed that maybe we aren’t the way we are supposed to be, or maybe we’ve catered to the doubts regarding the way we look, the way we dress, the way our teeth are a little crooked, or the way we handle things in life. Well, maybe some of us might have worse insecurities than that. As sad it is that we have them in the first place, we also consume these insecurities so much that whenever we receive a small compliment, it seems unbelievable to us.

It is a cruel world, and sometimes we give away too much of our confidence in between the harsh lines of surviving in this vicious circle that we create. But maybe when we don’t feel like ourselves and want to pull people away, we can try to pull ourselves together. I feel people who are content in life have been through the constant struggle of trying to keep it together. But it is never too late to start with certain baby steps to heal the parts of us that need a little extra care. Maybe we can try to walk—or hell, crawl—towards the journey of our self-love.

Something that I’ve realized over the years is that there is no rulebook to follow for self-love, but surely there are some little things that are worth trying to make the journey easier. Firstly, we are always in a rush, so when do we take a moment and feel proud or maybe somewhat good about how we are and how long we’ve been fighting? We realize later in life that everything requires hard work and passion. The thing here is to understand that loving oneself isn’t easy, and hey, there is no pressure. Love is natural, not forceful, so it must come naturally. It’s in our nature—we only ought to look at our flaws and are always busy giving the pieces of ourselves to others trying to find what we’ve lost in us. We always forget that love is only in its true form when started within.

Another thing that catches my attention every time is that there can be nothing done within us or outside our zone without self-evaluation. In life, there are always reasons behind everything. Mostly, we already know these reasons but are too engrossed in fixing faults and end up feeling miserable. So, for a moment, why can’t we just see where we are lacking and what needs to be done. God has created us with differences that are unique to us. So, if we wouldn’t have been all so different, then how would we have our beauty? We forget many other simple things in life, like being grateful to simply smiling our way through life. Our smile is our greatest asset, but we tend to take it for granted. Even if we don’t realize it, the universe is still watching. There is a power in every smile that works its way in the universe to travel through all the galaxies. That’s why whenever we see a pure smile, our hearts melt in joy. Life is full of locks in our current state, whether mentally or physically, and love is what’s the key to all locked doors. We can always try having a purpose. It could be making a promise to our self to wake up tomorrow and to work on something different in us. Something we want to inculcate or polish in ourselves. Something which is unique to us individually and which makes you who you are.

Just remember that whatever we want for ourselves, whether a change or a good thing to happen, has to start from within first. If we try, we can move mountains, but if we don’t, even sand will seem hard to move. And the truth is that what we radiate is what we get.

I hope you believe this when I tell you that you’re YOU and you are ENOUGH.