If You Want Your Ex Back, Take Advice From Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

If You Want Your Ex Back, Take Advice From Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were the hottest couple around in the early 2000s. And now, they’re making headlines all over again. Their relationship is proof that, sometimes, love is temporary. But other times, love is simply put on hold. 

Maybe the ex that you can’t stop thinking about is meant to stay in your past. Or maybe your story isn’t over yet. Maybe the reason why they have lingered in your mind is because you’re destined to reunite sometime in the future. Maybe your separation was a necessary step to growing as individuals and learning how to love each other right. Maybe you broke apart at a bad time so you could find each other again at a better time.

If you weren’t attached to the tabloids two decades ago, here’s a recap: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met on the set of Gigli in early 2002 while Jennifer was married to her second husband. They were spotted kissing later that same year and were engaged by November. However, their engagement ended in 2004. And as you know, in 2021, they were spotted cuddling and kissing again, making everyone in the world want to text their ex.

If you want your own ex back, then you should follow Jennifer Lopez’s lead. You can’t sit around waiting for them to return. You need to live your life. Date other people. Pursue your career dreams. Party with your friends. Jennifer has been killing it with her singing and acting career, raising her beautiful children, and living her best life. She would continue to thrive with or without Ben. He might contribute to her happiness, but he’s not her only source of happiness.

Begging your ex to take you back isn’t the best way to win them over. After all, you shouldn’t have to ask anyone to give you the bare minimum. You shouldn’t have to fight for their respect. You shouldn’t have to list out reasons why you’re worth their time and attention. When it’s over, you need to accept that the relationship isn’t working (for now) and move on. Find ways to make yourself happy without them. Prove to yourself you don’t need them to survive.

When you grow as individuals, you might grow into a better match for each other. You might realize that the love you shared for each other wasn’t a one-time thing, a beautiful memory you can lock in a box and forget. It has always been there, in the background, and once you’re both ready, you can let that love free again.

Ben and Jennifer reuniting in 2021 doesn’t mean they made a mistake when they parted ways. It means they did exactly what was necessary at the time. They gave themselves a chance to live their best lives apart, to pursue dreams that didn’t include each other, to focus on what they needed. Then they made their way back to each other when the timing was right and created something beautiful.