The 7 Worst People To Date If Your Love Language Is Words Of Affirmation

If Your Love Language Is Words Of Affirmation, Don’t Date These 7 People

People who are pessimists at heart. You deserve someone who is going to hype you up. Someone who will encourage you to keep going when you’re doubting yourself. Someone who will remind you that you are beautiful and talented and have what it takes to succeed. You shouldn’t be with someone who discourages you, who makes you feel worse than you already do. You need someone who supports you completely.

People who send one-word texts. When your love language is words of affirmation, texting is just as important as talking face-to-face. You want to be in constant communication with your partner, so if they’re only giving you one-word answers to your paragraphs of information, you aren’t going to be happy. You need someone who can keep the conversation going, whether you’re speaking in person or over the phone.  

People who are scared to show their emotions. You shouldn’t have to guess what’s on their mind, and you shouldn’t have to beg them to talk about how they’re feeling. You need a partner who is completely transparent with you, who loves loudly and proudly. After all, you’re the type of person who needs your partner to say those three little words often. You need to hear that they’re proud of you, that you look nice, and that they are excited to be with you. Otherwise, you’re going to start having doubts.

People who show love through actions, not words. You don’t want to read between the lines. You don’t want to make assumptions. You want to hear what your partner has to say. You want reassurance that they’re happy to be with you. Heartfelt gestures are always appreciated, but you would much rather have them explain how they feel about you than try to show you through their actions.

People who pretend everything is fine. You can’t survive a relationship without open communication. Telling you all the things they love about you isn’t enough. You want them to be honest about the bad things too. When there’s a problem, you would rather know right away. You don’t want them to pretend everything is fine when they’re seething inside. Things can’t be fixed unless they’re out in the open.

People who tell blatant lies. You value honesty above all else. After all, how could you believe your person’s compliments if you’ve caught them in lies about a million other things? In order to believe their words,  you need to be able to trust their words. You need proof that they are honest and have integrity. If they’re always lying through their teeth, then you won’t feel good when they say something nice. You’ll feel like they’re only saying what they think you want to hear.

People who are only nice when they want something. You can’t date someone who only cozies up to you and says nice things when they’re looking for something in return. The interaction shouldn’t feel like an exchange for sex or anything else. You want someone who speaks from the heart, who compliments you and encourages you because they genuinely feel the way they say they do. You want someone authentic.