If You’re Feeling All Alone, Read This

I’m sorry that you don’t have someone by your side to comfort you during these uncertain times.

I’m sorry that your normal daily distractions are not there to alleviate the heaviness of loneliness.

I’m sorry that the silence is deadly and you can’t count on the noise to make you forget.

I’m sorry that it feels like everything you’ve ever done to ease the pain has vanished and you’re faced with this monster again.

I’m sorry that you’re stuck in a house that doesn’t feel like home.

I’m sorry that you feel left out or neglected.

I’m sorry that your worst fear is haunting you right now.

But let me tell you that these things don’t just happen to torture you, they happen to enlighten you. These things don’t happen because you’ve been running away from them, they happen so you can stop running and start dealing with them. They happen so you can make the changes that you’ve been putting off or delaying. They happen so you can end this war once and for all.

Let me tell you that deep inside, you’re not surprised by any of this, you just didn’t think it would happen. Deep inside, you knew that if you took away everything you used to numb the pain, your wounds would still be bleeding. You knew that eventually you’d be forced to take your rose-colored glasses off and see the real picture again.

Let me tell you that the pain you’re going through right now will be one of the things you’ll be grateful for later. Let me tell you that the tears you’ve been shedding at night are all bringing you closer to your freedom. They’re bringing you closer to finding definite solutions and making bold decisions. Let me tell you that sometimes you make the best choices when you’re at your worst because it feels like there’s nothing else to lose. It feels like there’s nothing worse that could happen.

Let me tell you that this pain that only you can understand is the beginning of your healing because this is the time for reflection, for change, for transformation and let me tell you that we both know that there’s no running away this time, that it’s not going to be easy but it hasn’t been for years and we both know that you can’t handle any more of this but luckily, you still have a chance to unknot all the ties that held you back for so long. You still have a chance to break free.