If You’re Putting More Effort Into These 9 Areas, Your Partner Is Failing You

If You’re Putting More Effort Into These 9 Areas, Your Partner Is Failing You

Relationships are about give and take. You should both be putting effort into loving each other right. Of course, sometimes one person is going to be doing more than the other. It’s impossible to meet each other halfway every single day. But overall, you shouldn’t be the only one doing every single thing on this list:

You’re the one planning all the dates. You’re the one who is rearranging your schedule in order to spend enough quality time together. The one who is researching new places to eat and visit. The one who is coming up with itineraries to keep you occupied throughout the week. Your partner never even makes suggestions, leaving you to carry the bulk of the work.

You’re the one who is making sacrifices. The one who is compromising to give them what they want so that they don’t have to meet you halfway. You’re constantly giving up things that are important to you in order to please them. You’re putting their happiness before your own even though they are refusing to do the same.

You’re the one sending all the first texts. The one reaching out to them to check in on them. The one coming up with conversation starters. The one asking questions. The one making sure that you’re up to date on each other’s lives, that you’re on the same page, that you’re both doing okay overall.

You’re the one showing affection. The one giving compliments every single day. The one who texts them to say that you miss them. The one who says those three little words before you part ways. The one who does all of the work in the bedroom. The one who makes sure their partner feels valued and appreciated at all times.

You’re the one paying for everything you share. The one putting down money for dates. The one covering rent. The one coming up with financial plans and making sure you’re able to survive week to week. The one who spoils the other person rotten.

You’re the one doing all the chores around the house. The one who never takes a break. The one who cooks and cleans and takes care of the pets (and/or children). The one who remembers appointments and keeps the household running smoothly.

You’re the one making decisions. The one in charge of figuring out what to eat and where to vacation and how to decorate the house. Even though you want their help and ask for their help, they leave you to figure out all the plans.

You’re the one giving thoughtful gifts. The one putting effort into making holidays and anniversaries special. The one who plans months in advance until waiting until the last second to grab the first thing you see on the shelf.

You’re the one solving problems. The one clearing up misunderstandings within the family. The one who calls plumbers and electricians (or takes care of the issues themselves) when something is broken. The one who handles anything and everything that goes wrong.