Jess Loiterton

If You’re Seeking Love, Look Around You

I’ve been in love. I’m sure we all have. 

But over my years of growing up, I’ve come to the realization that love doesn’t just have to exist between two people. In fact, love exists between a person and their favorite place. It exists between a person and their most treasured memory. It exists between a person and their journey—their failures, their fears, their growth, and their proudest achievements.

Love exists between a sunrise and a sunset, between the moon and the sun, the rain and the rainbow. It exists between the laughs and cries of children and the hustle and bustle of adults. It exists in conversation, in silence, and in handwritten letters. Love exists in solitude while reading a book. It exists in the lyrics of a song and in the lines of a poem. Love exists in the waves of the ocean, the smell of fresh flowers, and the warmth of a shower. It exists in a familiar place. It exists in comfort, in the place you grew up, and in a place you call home. But it also exists in the unknown. In the place you cannot imagine. It exists between love and heartbreak, the place between pain and pleasure, and the place between overcoming your fears and finding peace.

I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to find someone to love that we forget the love that exists right in front of us. The love that is always there but hard to find. The type of love that never leaves us. The type of love that sticks around. The type of love you can always count on. Because love is everywhere. It exists between everyone and everything. Sometimes you just have to try a little harder to look for it.