Tirachard Kumtanom

If You’re Struggling Right Now, This Is Exactly What You Need To Hear

Hey you. 

I know that you’re struggling right now. But honestly, it’s just a little bump in your journey. I get it. You’re feeling overwhelmed and confused. You feel like you’re in the right direction, but at the same time, you feel lost.

It’s totally normal for you to feel that way.

Just know that you’ll be able to go through this. You can reach out for support, whether that’s your partner, your friends, or your family. You have so much power in you. You are incredible. And I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. I’m also so proud of you.

The reason you’re struggling is because you’re ambitious.

You have so much desire in your heart, and to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with that. Your desires are what make you light up. It’s what makes you who you are. So it’s okay to be confused in your journey.

Also, know that you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel confused. You don’t have to do anything and everything that people are telling you. Learn to question these things you see on Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media. They’re excited about their findings. But it’s your job to find things that make you feel excited and make you feel alive.

And then stick to them for a long time.

Because if you don’t, you’ll lose it. You’ll lose your connection with yourself, with who you are and what you’re meant to do in this world.

I know that you know what exactly you need to do.

But you’re just terrified. And that’s okay. Because you’ll feel that you’re letting people down. But you have no obligation to these people to do things. You can be grateful and appreciate them for getting you to where you are now.

But you have to learn how to let go once it’s no longer helping you become the best version of yourself.

If you keep holding on to these things, you won’t have any space nor energy for the beautiful things that you deserve to have.

Know that you deserve whatever it is that your heart desires. If you didn’t, your heart wouldn’t want it.

So it’s okay to feel confused and struggle.

This is a letter from your future self to let you know that you’ll be okay.