I’ll See You When You Come Back Home To Me

You must be really foolish to think that was the end of it. You must be really foolish to think that the world gives people what we have and then takes it away and never returns it. Everything’s returned. Everything comes back.

Space is amazing. Space is vast and encompasses everything. Space is dark and cold and scary. The space between us is a few miles. And it’s the scariest it’s ever felt. Space has asteroids coming right at you, distractions that make you fret and cry and steer away from your path. Space lets people grow. Space tests love just as much as coexistence does. 

I can’t wait to hug you again. I can’t wait to wrap my legs around you while you lift me in the air and to laugh in your ear at how dumb we act with each other. I can’t wait to kiss your forehead and squeeze your hand. I can’t wait to look you in the eyes while you stare at my lips and smile. I can’t wait to nap with you in the middle of the day and to complain about how much I hate school and for you to complain about how much you hate math. 

I can’t wait to argue over children’s names again.

I can’t wait to unravel poetry and beauty and all human desires with you.

I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together.

But until then, honesty is important. Forgiveness even more. Sort out your heart, let your mind think without distracting yourself. Finding love is unlikely enough as it is. Learn to protect it. Learn to save it. I’m proud of you for being truthful. I’m proud of you for walking away. I’m proud of you for giving into what your heart so desperately needed because what you have ahead of you is a lot bigger than what you did.

We’ll be in luck. 

In space, things don’t often clash. They orbit each other for a while, there are a lot of “almosts”, and very rarely they come together. But when they do, they cause beautiful explosions. And sometimes, the lucky ones stick together. The Little Prince knew all this when he left his asteroid. But it’s always important to come back home.