Khoa Võ

I’m Not The Girl You Fall In Love With

I will never be her
The woman who rides a horse
Who makes you laugh
When you walk in the door
The one you cook dinner for 

The one with blonde hair
Who burns from your stare
The one who lets you touch her

I will never be her
The one you walk with
And fly with
To new adventures
And the unknown 

The one you thank God for
Who picks you up off of the floor
When you’re drunk and oblivious
To the world
Or anxious and fighting
The demons of your soul 

Your date at Christmas dinner
Your kiss on New Year’s Eve
The warm body on Valentine’s Day
The first to greet you
On every birthday 

I am not the girl you’ll grow old with
The one to whom you make promises
The one you’d die for
The one you’ve cried for The one singing you to sleep
The one you meet in ecstasy—
No, that will never be me 

The one you bring home gifts for
Every time you take a trip
The one you lick like ice cream
Your favorite mint chocolate chip 

The one who sees your green eyes
Burning with excitement
The one whose touch turns you on
Striking you like lightning

The one you kiss passionately in the rain
The one who massages away your pain
And knows your fears and insecurities
The darkest secrets of your perfect family 

The one who hikes with you on holidays
And brightens up your rainy days
And fights with you
And makes up with you
Without delay—
No I will never be her
No matter how hard I pray

I will never know you like that
And I know it in my soul for a fact