I’m Slowly Learning That Change Is The Only Constant In This Crazy World

I’m Slowly Learning That Change Is The Only Constant In This Crazy World

Change isn’t always negative. Sometimes, it’s exactly what you need in order to grow into the best possible version of yourself. It gives you the opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and explore uncharted sides of yourself. It pushes you to grow, to take steps forward, to advance on your journey of self-discovery.

Of course, change isn’t always easy to stomach. New experiences are inherently scary. They mean you need to uproot everything you know. They mean you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Even if you aren’t happy in your current state, at least you know what to expect. There aren’t any surprises. You’re prepared for the bullshit that’s about to come your way. When things change, you lose that certainty. You aren’t able to predict what kinds of hardships are waiting around the bend – but that means you aren’t able to tell what good things are coming, either.

You can’t automatically associate change with something negative. If you never changed, then you would still be immature and uneducated. You would still be making the same mistakes you made when you were a young kid. You needed to change in order to develop as a person, and that transformation is never-ending. You always have more to learn, more to discover about yourself and the world as a whole.

Change is the only constant. Your life isn’t going to stay the same forever. In some ways that’s terrifying, but in others, it’s freeing. If you’re upset with a certain area of your life right now, it isn’t always going to stay that way. Change is always possible. Sometimes it will happen without your approval. Other times, you need to put in the work to make it happen.

I’m slowly learning change isn’t something to be feared. It’s something to be embraced. When you’re given an opportunity to change your world, to become a brand-new version of yourself, you need to take it. You need to trust yourself. Trust that you can handle the challenge. Trust that your new experiences are going to be worth the stress. Trust that you have enough expertise to manage whatever is thrown your way.

When you believe in yourself, change is a lot less scary. It stops feeling like a curse and starts feeling like an opportunity. Remember, different doesn’t always mean worse. You could swap one good thing for another. There’s not only one way to reach happiness. There are a million little ways to achieve it.

Change is scary, so it’s okay if you’re nervous, but you need to remember that you’ve tackled scarier things before. Think of all the horrors you’ve overcome. Think of all the difficult days that you made it through. You survived the toughest challenges. You can survive whatever comes next, too.

Remember, if you aren’t happy with a change you make, nothing is stopping you from changing your surroundings again. Most things in this world are temporary, but change is the only constant.