I’m Slowly Learning That Life Has A Funny Way Of Working Itself Out

I’m slowly learning that life has a funny way of working itself out. I’m slowly learning that life has a way of revealing your most burning questions when the time is right and it has a way of bringing you justice when you’re no longer dwelling on how unfair it is. I’m slowly learning that life has a funny way of just flipping everything around. The people who once meant the world to you could pass you by and you don’t feel a thing. The people who hurt you end up drinking from the same cup they poisoned you with. The people who came into your life when the timing was wrong suddenly reappear when the time is right so you can start over with them. 

I’m slowly learning that the more I stress out about life and the future, the more it eludes me. I get lost in a spiral of fears and anxiety. I try so hard to find the answers and the meaning behind things, only to realize that in time, everything unfolds in a way I never imagined. Everything eventually shapes itself out. Everything that once kept you up at night will be handed to you on a silver platter because when we torment ourselves trying to figure out why things are happening to us, we make our lives harder by trying to speed up the lessons or trying to speed up our destiny instead of just letting things unfold the way they’re meant to be. The way they’re supposed to. 

I’m slowly learning that life doesn’t always go your way, because sometimes your vision is blurred and your perspective is flawed. Sometimes what you want is not what’s right for you, and sometimes what you think is right for you could hurt you down the line. I’m slowly learning that maybe it’s a blessing that life doesn’t always respond to your desires and wishes on the spot because you don’t always look at the bigger picture and you don’t always have all the facts. I’m slowly learning that it’s better to trust that what’s happening behind the scenes is bringing you closer to what’s best for you. What you sometimes don’t see is God’s perfect plan for your life but you’re stuck on the present moment and what you want right now to believe or have faith that things will get better.

I’m slowly learning that when you heal and become a better version of yourself, life has a way of working itself out and filtering out all the nonsense and the crap, and what once didn’t make any sense suddenly makes perfect sense. Life has a funny way of showing you that what you once ached for will eventually be a source of healing and what you thought you couldn’t get over will be the reason behind your strength and resilience. Life has a funny way of working itself out and showing you why it denied you some things and why it brought you closer to other things, and it has a funny way of showing you that you’re better off without the people you once prayed so hard to be with.

I’m slowly learning that eventually everything will work itself out and life will put all your confusion and your worries to rest.