I’m Sorry That My Love Could Never Be Enough

I’m sorry for telling you I would never quit again when times would get too hard.

I’m sorry for all the times I couldn’t bring down my guard. 

I’m sorry it was too much and that it got too heavy. 

I’m sorry I caught you off guard when you weren’t ready. 

I’m sorry that I can’t wait for the change that we need. 

I’m sorry I stopped watering the flower that we planted as a seed. 

I’m sorry for the tears I know that you have cried. 

I’m sorry for taking away all of your ego and pride.

I’m sorry for all the problems that I have created in my mind.

I’m sorry I couldn’t take on your problems and turn them into mine.

I’m sorry for the way I made you fall in love.

I’m sorry that my love could never be enough.

I’m sorry for the fairytale I promised you that we’d have.

I’m sorry for leaving you to go to bed when I know you’re still mad.

I’m sorry for promising you that I will be there when times get rough.

I’m sorry that it was me who would be the one to give up.

I’m sorry I’m too sensitive and take things all to heart.

I’m sorry that I didn’t read the red flags when they appeared at the start. 

I’m sorry for the text messages that I would never send. 

I’m sorry you didn’t know that this was the beginning of the end. 

I’m sorry to rip the bandage off old wounds that did not heal. 

I’m sorry that when I did it, there was nothing that I would feel. 

I’m sorry I was the first to say I don’t see our vision anymore.

I’m sorry that it had to be me to close the entry to our door.

I’m sorry I can’t be there to tell you you’ll be okay. 

I’m sorry I was the one to run off again one day.