In 2022, Limit The People Who Have Access To You

It is human nature to want to be liked. To belong. To be loved. To be cared for. To be appreciated. To be validated. And that’s okay. But it is important that you look for these positive affirmations from the right people.

A very important piece of advice someone told me is to limit the people who have access to you. Choose quality over quantity. A small circle of genuine friends is better than a big circle of shams. Cutting people out of your life and burning bridges may be hard. However, life will teach you that sometimes this is necessary.

Not everyone is your friend. Not everyone will open their door for you in the middle of the night when you have nowhere to go. Not everyone will drive for three hours to accompany you to the hospital when you’re all alone in a foreign land. Not everyone will be happy for your accomplishments. But so what? That does not mean no one will.

There will be people who will clip your wings and try to drag you down; do not let them. There will be those who will rain on your parade; cut them out of your life. There will be those who will steal your winnings; cross them out. There will be those who will doubt you; prove them wrong. There will be those who will kick you down further when they see you struggling; remove their access from you. Keep the real and genuine people around and cut off those who weigh you down.

Honey, you are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that is okay. Some people prefer coffee, while some are fine with milk. And that’s not your fault. Neither is it something you can control.

It is not your job to tell people your worth. They have to see that on their own. They have to realize that themselves without you spelling it out for them. Do not hesitate to walk away from those who treat you less than what you deserve. Think of it this way: It is their loss, not yours. Walk out of toxic relationships without any hesitation. Remove those who bring you negative energy without a second thought. When their bad qualities outweigh the good, that’s when you have to reconsider if it’s worth having them around or if it’s worth staying.

Set boundaries. Learn how to compartmentalize. Your life must have different compartments that should never be mixed up together. That way, when one box fails, your other boxes will not topple down.

Be resilient, not just strong. Because sometimes your own strength will fail you, but resilience will get you a long way.

You are a gem. A treasure. Not because of your beauty or intelligence or success, but because of how deeply you love and how sincerely you care. And if they cannot see that, then you might be in the wrong crowd.

Prioritize your inner peace above fame, above money, above glory. Leave all negativity in 2021. Leave all toxicity behind and move forward. Stay hopeful and optimistic. Forget those who tried to take away your crown. Keep walking with your head held high. Do not let cynicism turn your heart cold. Control your inner chaos. 2021 is almost done. Whatever has happened was meant to happen. The important thing is you have learned. You have grown.

Welcome 2022 with a big smile and a positive attitude! So many new things to explore. So many adventures to take. So many new people to meet. However, don’t forget to be careful of who you allow in your life. Be very picky of the people you decide to take adventures with. Be cautious of who you keep. If there’s a take away from all the struggles and challenges in 2021, it is that you should limit the people who have access to you. After all, we are who we surround ourselves with.

Still, don’t forget to have fun and be excited about what surprises the new year has in store.