In 2022, Say Goodbye To Toxic Humans

In 2022, Say Goodbye To Toxic Humans

In 2022, stop allowing others to walk over you. Stop accepting the bare minimum when you’ve been working your ass off to make them happy. Stop allowing yourself to fall into one-sided situations that leave you exhausted and unfulfilled.

In 2022, stop putting so much effort into relationships that aren’t serving you. Stop letting history repeat itself and giving others permission to hurt you over and over again. If you want this year to be different than the rest, you need to make new decisions. Decisions that are best for yourself. This is the year you should put your mental health first. Don’t act polite in order to keep the peace when you’re screaming on the inside. Don’t force connections that feel wrong because you’re worried about hurting feelings or causing conflict. What about your feelings? What about your peace?

In 2022, say goodbye to toxic humans. You don’t have to answer their texts or explain your absence to them. If you don’t want someone in your world, then you’re allowed to move forward without them. Stop letting them anchor you in place. Release them in order to propel yourself further. Although it might be painful at first, it will be worth it in the long run. By the end of the new year, you’ll be relieved that you did what needed to be done instead of holding off for another year.

In 2022, kiss drama goodbye. Surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you, people who encourage you to chase after your dreams because they believe you are capable of beautiful things. In the new year, cut out anyone who makes you feel shitty about yourself, who makes fun of your dreams and disrespects your opinions. Cut out anyone who refuses to apologize and turns you into the enemy because you don’t owe them a tenth or eleventh chance. They had an opportunity to set things right and they failed. You can’t keep holding onto someone who is thrashing or you’ll sink and drown, too. Remember, your mental health matters more than this relationship. No matter who this person is or how long you’ve known them, you need to put your mind and body first.

In 2022, don’t waste your energy on toxic humans. Don’t let their unfair treatment slide like you have in the past. Stand up for yourself. Love yourself. And be careful about who you surround yourself with because your year will be completely different based on the humans you keep close.

During the last few years, you’ve dealt with more than enough heartache and negativity. So in 2022, treat yourself with kindness. Go easy on yourself. Do what is best for you for a change. Remember, you deserve the type of happiness you’re always trying to bring to others. You deserve to have a beautiful year. But you need to put in the effort to make that happen. You need to start making decisions that will lead to the type of life you’ve been dreaming about.