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In 2023, Stop Being Impressed By Bare Minimum Men

In 2023, stop falling in love with ideas. Stop investing in a man’s potential. Stop relying on the hope that “one day” he’ll become the man you need. Stop pretending he is someone he has shown time and time again he is most definitely not. Stop believing that a relationship can survive on what-ifs and maybes.

In 2023, stop being flattered by half-assed effort. Stop acting like inconsistency isn’t a turn-off. Stop telling yourself that having a little bit of someone’s heart is better than having no one at all.

In 2023, stop making excuses for men who never asked you to do so in the first place. Stop accepting insincere apologies after being disrespected. Stop listening to fake promises that he’ll “do better next time.” Stop lowering your standards for men who will never be able meet you at your level.

In 2023, stop being impressed by bare minimum men. Stop giving second chances when you’ve already given three. Stop tolerating getting next to nothing from someone you’d give everything and more to. Stop settling for less than you deserve.

In 2023, find a man who truly shows he cares about you. Find a man who goes above and beyond to make you feel cherished. Find a man who is a partner, not a project. Find a man who is worthy of your time, your heart, and your love.