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This TikTok Perfectly Explains Why ‘The Talking Phase’ Is SO Toxic

In a single TikTok, Tinx nails exactly why “the talking phase” is SO toxic, and anyone dating today absolutely needs to hear it.

Tinx, who is known for her major BFF vibes, often creates TikToks detailing her experiences and observations about modern dating. She has sage advice about how to navigate today’s dating scene with poise, self-respect, and realistic expectations.

In this TikTok, Tinx is responding to a comment about the talking phase. The commenter shares how the talking phase closes you off to other prospects because you’re becoming invested in the person you’re “talking to.”

Tinx agrees that this is the biggest issue. She expresses how you build a sense of trust and loyalty while talking to someone, despite the fact the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t ask you to hang out or make a genuine effort to get to know you at all. You could see it becoming real, but the truth is that you’re not dating this person and they could end up wasting months of your time.

“The truth is you’re not in a relationship with this person,” says Tinx. “They’re not even asking you to hang out in person. So, you’re being loyal to someone who doesn’t even care to get to know you, and you’re emotionally investing all this time, and missing other opportunities.”

Tinx stresses the importance of making sure the person you’re into makes a sincere effort to take things to the next level and also actually SEE YOU IN PERSON.

You can watch the full TikTok below:


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