In The Room Where I Don’t Feel Fake

I walk to the door and hear the TV

Three quick knocks (knocks you must by now recognize as mine)

I stand and wait

You open the door with a smile

“Come in,” you say and step back. “How are you?”

I feel nervous but say I am good

Black leather bag I set down on the floor next to the stand where your quarters for laundry are stacked

Your hands on my cheeks, you lean down and kiss me

You turn and I obediently follow you down the hall

We go into the room where you help me escape

Into the room where I don’t feel fake

We’re kissing and feeling, hands seeking each other out

I lay down my glasses, you kiss my neck

Us two together, the world is shut out

We lay down on the bed on top of the quilt

This is the feeling I don’t want to quit

The rush, the flush

The almost-love

Our kisses are frantic

I’m holding your face

I’m pulling you down to me, feeling your embrace

Moments after, we lay feeling the glow

Waiting for heartbeats and breathing to slow

I lay on my back, your head on my chest

You kiss my shoulder and rub my leg

You smile up at me

I keep running my hands through your hair

So many things I want to say to you

But the words are trapped in my throat

Instead I tell you that I love that your hair is so soft

Small talk after that and we begin to untangle

We pick up our clothes and assemble ourselves

We kiss again, along with some warm, tight hugs

We walk to the door

You say, “Have a safe drive”

One more kiss before I walk out

And that’s how we part until the next time