In Your Next Life Chapter, Don't Let Your Anxiety Isolate You
Sophia Sinclair

In Your Next Life Chapter, Don’t Let Your Anxiety Isolate You

Anxiety can fool you into thinking that no one wants to spend time with you. It can cause you to cancel plans and say no when you want to say yes because you’re worried about embarrassing yourself and end up psyching yourself out. But you don’t want your anxiety to continue having that much control over you. You don’t want it to hold you back from pursuing opportunities that excite you. You can’t stay huddled in your comfort zone forever. You can’t let your fears intimidate you. You need to be brave enough to do hard things.

In your next life chapter, don’t let your anxiety talk you out of experiences that you’re genuinely interested in trying. Don’t assume that you won’t be able to handle the stress. You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. You have already shown your bravery day after day, by getting out of bed and facing the world when it was the last thing you felt like doing. You already know you’re brave, so don’t hold yourself back out of fear you can’t do it. You can. It might not be easy, but you can.

In your next life chapter, don’t let your anxiety make your decisions for you. Don’t let the worst case scenario become the only possible scenario in your head. Even though your brain naturally leans toward pessimism, try to squeeze a little optimism in there too. You need to visualize what might happen if everything goes according to plan, if you succeed, if you get everything you’ve ever wanted. Don’t assume everything is going to fall apart before you’ve even started the journey. Don’t let your doubts convince you to not even bother. Don’t let them convince you trying is a waste of time. It’s a thought, not the truth.

In your next life chapter, don’t let your anxiety isolate you. Don’t stay locked inside of your room for too long. While there’s nothing wrong with staying home and taking a mental health day when the world is too overwhelming, you don’t want this to become an everyday occurrence. You don’t want to remain trapped in a bubble alone. You need to push past your discomfort sometimes. You need to be strong enough to go out there and conquer your dreams.

In your next life chapter, don’t shut out the people who care about you and genuinely want to hear how you’re doing. When they ask questions, you can give them the truthful answer. You don’t have to pretend that everything is perfectly fine. You don’t have to claim you’re okay when that’s far from the truth. You can confide in them. You can trust them with your real feelings. Let them be a shoulder to lean on. Let them see the true you.

In your next life chapter, don’t let your anxiety call the shots. It’s a part of you, but it’s not the whole you. You are more than your doubts, more than your fears. You can handle anything thrown at you, so stop telling yourself otherwise. It might be hard to believe at first, but tell yourself anyway. You are strong enough. You can do this. You can.