Instead Of Trying To Be Perfect, Be Consistent

It seems that in our ever-growing and diverse societies, people want to reach their goals and dreams very quickly without putting in the adequate effort, be it in their jobs, their fitness journey, or their relationships. And honestly, the plethora of clickbait titles such as “get toned in one week” or “make the man of your dreams crazy about you through these 5 steps” set up people for disappointment. If you want something of quality, you do not get it overnight. You work for it, building it piece by piece each day.

Individuals want the end result without the process. They get discouraged if it starts taking time. There are skills that take years to build. When you see something of value that you admire, don’t overlook the effort it took to get there and don’t let it intimidate you. Don’t look for quick fixes—that’s not where you’re going to achieve your best. I think the most inspiring and hardworking people are the ones who value patience and consistency. They are committed to perfecting their craft and reaching their goal, no matter how long it takes and no matter how bad they were when they started.

You might think someone is great at a certain skill or has great relationships in their lives, but most often you will find that below the surface, they have put in effort every single day to get where they are at. It might seem effortless from the outside, especially since you don’t get to see the journey of each person in detail, but it’s true. Don’t let social media fool you. These are just the final outcomes—you almost get to see nothing behind the scenes.

I think we should remind people of the value of consistency. Perhaps that is the greatest skill and discipline of all because it is what gets you from point A to point B. Practice makes perfect. If you are consistent with something in your life, I guarantee you you’re going to see an improvement, even if you do it 10 minutes per day. The reason someone is great at piano is because they showed up consistently and practiced. The reason this couple is so in love is because they work at keeping their romance alive every single day. The reason this writer is so great is because they always write, no matter the outcome, and inevitably they start getting better. The girl who can do pull ups and push ups went to the gym more times than you could count. So start showing up consistently for what matters to you.