Instead Of Trying To Find A Seat At Someone Else’s Table, Go Sit At Your Own

“I have a question. Don’t fight me on this because I know how you all like to tussle.”

Why as women do some of us forget that we have our own table? Instead, we question what we can bring to the table of another like our table isn’t over there, stacked. Matter of fact, our table is across the room by the window with the view of the stars while we find ourselves at a table in the middle of the room. It’s like we disregard the sense of self that we’ve put into place and pull up a chair to a table nowhere near as stacked as ours and start to question what we can bring to it. I mean seriously, this table is the complete opposite of ours. It’s raggedy, wobbly, and it doesn’t contain nearly as much as what we have on our own table! Why do we do this?

Now, let’s disregard the table metaphor and ask the real question. Why in the hell are we settling for anything less than what we deserve? Why are we laying our morals, boundaries, and pieces of self by the wayside to obtain or keep something that isn’t even worth the labor? Why on god’s green earth are we obsessing over things and people who should not matter to us?

The truth of the matter is somehow we’ve picked up this flawed sense of belonging that has us pulling up chairs and trying to furnish the tables of others. For some odd reason, we want to belong to somebody so bad that we forget that we belong to ourselves. Yes, you read right! We forget that we belong to ourselves. You belong to [YOUR NAME] before you belong to anyone else.

Once we realize that, we realize that furnishing another’s table doesn’t make it our own, it just makes us a fool. What’s to say once we’ve done all of this they’re not done with us? Then there we go, trying to belong to or fit at another table. Do you want to spend the rest of your life going from table to table? Or are you ready to wake up and find your authentic place of belonging?

Who am I kidding? You already know who you belong to. You just have to accept it and allow it to be enough.