It’s Better To Be Alone Than To Settle For A Bare Minimum Man

It’s Better To Be Alone Than Settle For A Bare Minimum Man

When you’re with someone who does the bare minimum, it’s hard to complain because they aren’t actively hurting you. They aren’t crossing any boundaries or treating you with disrespect. They simply aren’t going above and beyond – and it feels greedy to ask for better treatment, so you say nothing. You let them get away with it. But you shouldn’t give them a pass. You shouldn’t believe that wanting more than the bare minimum is selfish or wrong. You’re allowed to ask for something spectacular. You’re allowed to raise your standards high.

It’s better to be alone than to stare at a screen with zero notifications, to wait for a phone call that never comes, to feel stuck in a relationship where you’re undervalued and underappreciated. Remember, you shouldn’t have to beg someone for attention. They should be excited to hear from you. They should be happy to have a conversation, to get to spend some quality time with you even if it’s over the phone. Answering you back shouldn’t feel like an obligation. They shouldn’t get annoyed by how much you want them around. They should want you around too. And they should show it.

It’s better to be alone than to get stuck doing all of the work in the relationship. You shouldn’t be the one tasked with chores, with setting plans, and with pulling all of the emotional weight. A relationship is about two people who care. Two people who put in effort. Two people who go out of their way to do sweet things, even when it would be easier to do nothing. If your partner is doing the bare minimum to keep you around, then they’re expecting you to settle. They’re suggesting that you don’t deserve more, that you only deserve a sliver of their attention, and that is not okay.

It’s better to be alone than to be stuck planning every single date because your partner won’t put in the effort to do some planning of their own. It’s better to spend your nights doing what you like doing instead of doing whatever is the most convenient for this person, instead of whatever will require the least possible movement on their part. It’s so much better knowing that you don’t have to accommodate someone who is never going to appreciate the hard work you’ve put in anyway. It’s so much better to have the freedom to do what makes you happy in the moment instead of trying to please someone who is never going to be satisfied.

It’s so much better to be alone than to settle for a bare minimum man so please don’t lower your standards in order to keep this person in your world. Even though you care about them, even though they might have a good heart, that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. That doesn’t mean they deserve you. Hold out for someone who not only meets your expectations but who rises above them. Remember, you shouldn’t settle for the bare minimum. Good enough isn’t enough. You deserve spectacular.