It’s Not Always Bad To Do These 6 Things After Breakups

It’s Not Always Bad To Do These 6 Things After Breakups

Sometimes, listening to sad love songs will keep you in a bad mood for longer than necessary. Sometimes, reading through old messages will tempt you to text them again even though you should stay away. However, these coping mechanisms aren’t all bad. Sometimes, they can actually help you heal from your loss. Here’s how:

Listening to songs that remind you of them.

Music can help you process your emotions. It can remind you that you’re not alone in your pain. Other people have been through similar experiences – even your favorite singers. If they’ve also gone through the type of heartbreak that you’re enduring right now, you know that it doesn’t say anything about your worth. You know that these feelings can happen to anyone, regardless of how wonderful they are.  

Flicking through old photographs.

Looking through old photographs can be painful because you were so carefree and innocent back then. You had no idea what your relationship had in store for you. However, it’s nice to remember that your relationship wasn’t all bad. You can’t feel like dating them was a waste when it brought you so many wonderful moments. Even though you might feel stupid for falling for them and wish you’ve never met, remember that there were good times, too.

Reading old text conversations.

Sometimes, the person you were picturing in your head isn’t as wonderful as you remember. When you re-read old messages, you might realize that this person wasn’t actually as funny or romantic as you thought. Once you realize that they aren’t a great fit for you, you might start seeing old conversations in a different light. Even though this person was nice to have around for a little while, they’re not irreplaceable. There are plenty of other people who can make you feel the same way they made you feel.

Eating ice cream and chocolate.

You’re allowed to treat yourself. If you’re upset about what happened between the two of you and can’t find a reason to get out of bed, it’s okay if the only things keeping you going are small things. Like your favorite breakfast or a snack waiting for you in the fridge. You’re allowed to cheer yourself up in any way that works, as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else in the process.

Watching cheesy romance movies.

Some pieces of these movies are unrealistic, like how you’ll meet the love of your life and how quickly you’ll fall for each other. But the core message is realistic. You shouldn’t settle for the wrong person. Hold out for someone who makes you feel valued and appreciated. Wait for someone who makes you as excited as your favorite romance scenes do.

Flirting with other people.

You don’t want to break any hearts or jump into the wrong relationship in order to get over your last relationship. However, some harmless flirting could be good for you. It’s a reminder that you are a catch Other people are going to fall for you. This person that you’ve lost isn’t the only one who will ever be interested in you.