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It’s Time To Honor The Transitions Of Your Life

It’s time to honor the transitions of your life. The phases where you’re still figuring your next steps out, the times where there’s more uncertainty than stability, the times where the future is not clear and you don’t know how things will unfold. It’s time to embrace these times and acknowledge them as times of personal growth and evolution, as part of the learning curve of life. You won’t always have the right answers, you won’t always stick to the same plan because you change and your circumstances change. It’s time to stop letting the world tell you where you should be in your life or how successful you should be at a certain age or how much you should be making. It’s time to stop letting other people dictate your priorities or your values. 

It’s time to honor the parts of you that are still healing from the past and give yourself a break from the constant hustle and bustle of life. It’s time to give yourself the time and space you need to recharge before you can give your all to something or someone, because some things don’t deserve the broken pieces of you. Sometimes you can’t do things with passion if you’re overwhelmed with intense emotions and sometimes you need to reassemble yourself first and get rid of the parts that are no longer serving you before you can feel whole again. 

It’s time to take your time refueling yourself before you can move forward, because you don’t want to drive with an empty tank. Sometimes it’s good to slow down and think of what you really want to do and who you really want to be. Sometimes it’s good to be honest with yourself and truly understand what is and isn’t serving you. Sometimes these transitions, these pauses push you to reflect more on your life and make more genuine choices and more calculated decisions and set more achievable goals. 

It’s time to embrace the uncertainty of your life, because it’s just as important as your highlights. It’s the calm before the storm. It’s the defining moment that helps you take a leap of faith towards a better future. Please don’t let anyone shame you during these moments. Please don’t listen to the labels that people give you when you’re not following a certain plan or a certain path. Please embrace the moments of vulnerability and confusion. The moments where you don’t feel your best self and the moments where you don’t really know what the next phase in your life will hold. Please honor this time, because if you beat yourself up, if you constantly put yourself down, you will never make the right decisions because you will only be trying to escape this phase or trying to survive. You will try to fast-track this whole process and sometimes that leads to even more uncertainty and confusion. 

Please honor the transitions of your life, because even when there’s not much to celebrate, there’s always something to learn and grow from bringing you one step closer to the truth and bringing you one step closer to where you belong.