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It’s Time To Start Putting Yourself First And Believing You Deserve It

Start doing the things you have been putting on hold just because ‘life happens.’ Life will always happen. It will always get in the way of you actually pursuing what you want. It will always give you tons of excuses not to go after your dreams. Life can make you feel comfortable in where you are, even if it means being content in not reaching your fullest potential, because when you’re too comfortable, you slack and put your passion and dreams on the side. You lose your heart and willingness to jump in and take the leap to get to your actual goals because there are too many distractions that come your way. But all of them will only pull you away from showing up as who and what you want to be.

Start minding your own business instead of anybody else’s. Spend your everyday minding YOU and doing YOU. Spend time bettering yourself and reflecting on where you are at this point, evaluating what needs to improve within you. Because at the end of the day, what’s more important is the reality that you live in. The authenticity of who you are, whether it is mostly good or otherwise. Your focal point shouldn’t be anyone else’s life or Instagram feed. Not anyone else’s progress or stagnation. Not anyone else’s life but yours. Comparing yourself with others will not only give you resentment towards yourself, it damages your mental health the more you dwell on it. It’s either you keep comparing and complaining on why others have it better than you or you work your way up to the place you wish to be. 

Start putting yourself first and believing you deserve it. Isn’t it exhausting to always calculate your actions based on other people’s opinion of you? Isn’t it exhausting to always put others first while you suffer, just to please them or to show them that you care? Doing what feels good to you doesn’t mean you lack love for others around you. It simply means you also love yourself just as much. Learn how to invest in you and pursue all the things that make you happy and fulfilled. Even if it’s just taking yourself on a two-day trip or saying NO to going out with friends because you prefer a quiet night at home or working less and taking some time off for your mental health. Remember that you’re just as important as those you love. 

Start giving yourself credit for all your hard work and achievements—big or small. Learn to acknowledge the goodness that you have and improve on the areas that still need work. Don’t let yourself get used to being criticized, because as much as you have flaws, you also have a lot to be proud of. Compliment yourself every single day. Pat yourself on the back when you’ve done something good. Celebrate your wins. Learn how to cheer for yourself when you accomplish something. And don’t be afraid to face your failures, too. Get the lessons and grow from them. 

The whole idea of reaching your highest self doesn’t really end when you feel good about yourself on a certain day or occasion. It’s a lifetime of working to become a better person. It’s a journey of highs and lows, ups and downs, breaking and healing, grieving and celebrating. There will be a lot of turning around and going backwards but no matter how many times you get scared of moving forward, always push yourself to take one step after the other. Because baby steps are better than not being able to move in life at all.