It’s Time To Start Treating Your Body Like It’s Sacred—Because It Is

Our bodies are sacred.

We live in a world that sabotages our connection to our own bodies. They are either shamed or sexualized, judged or admired, praised or criticized. Never allowed to simply be. Because of this, most of us have conflicted relationships with the very form that houses our spirits here on this earth. 

This is perfectly illustrated by our discomfort with letting our bodies move how they want to flow. Most of us are terrified to “dance like no one is watching.” We judge ourselves. We fear judgment and humiliation at the hands of others. We nervously seek structure, choreography, the “right” way to do things. In this lack of ability to connect with the intuitive movement of our bodies, we once again take power away from our divine feminine and serve it right back into the harsh embrace of the patriarchy. 

There is no such thing as being a good dancer. We, as humans, are all made to dance. If we feel that we are bad at it, that’s simply because we have lost our natural connection to the wisdom of our bodies. We can’t move them because we aren’t in tune with them. That’s all it is. 

When I say that our bodies are sacred, I don’t mean that they are meant to be kept pure and untouched, up on a pedestal. I mean that they are to be honored, listened to, and respected by us and those around us. We waste obscene amounts of energy judging, punishing, and mistreating them, and for what? To please someone outside of ourselves? To meet some meaningless standard that will never bring us happiness? We must stop this ridiculousness here and now. 

Our bodies are miraculous, intricate creations. They move and breathe and function while we barely pay attention. We could not exist as we do on this planet, in this dimension, without them. It seems about time that we become grateful and appreciative of them. We don’t know what we have until it’s gone—until we are injured, or sick, or lose functions that we always took for granted. 

When we become ill, our bodies are trying to signal to us that something is out of balance. There is always a deeper underlying cause for dis-ease. And yet, again, we are often so disconnected from the truth of our physical selves that we ignore it. We pop a random pill that we hope will help, hardly paying attention to what detrimental effect that could have. We continue to eat poorly and imbibe harmful substances. Instead of moving our bodies when they beg for it, we continue on, hunched down in stagnation in front of our televisions and laptops. 

We cannot afford to remain disconnected from our own bodies. We have only a short time to live, so why do so in constant judgment, criticism, and shame towards ourselves? Our bodies are here to move, express, expand, and feel pleasure. They create and carry life. They are not objects to be shoved within arbitrary societal standards or minimized as merely sexual. No, they are the vessels that house our spirits here on this planet. What could be more important, more beautiful than that? 

Our bodies are the most sacred possession we will ever have, and they are ours free of charge. Let’s listen to them. Let’s celebrate them. Let’s love them as fiercely as we can.