It’s Time To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself And Start Practicing Self-Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself is a difficult thing. It can be difficult to have the strength to forgive yourself when you are constantly finding fault with your self-worth. We all have moments when we feel like our flaws are so big that nothing will ever change, but the truth is, forgiveness brings clarity and peace to your mind and soul, and it is crucial to moving forward with your life.

Accepting yourself is a step towards forgiveness. If you can switch from being your own worst critic to being your own best friend, it will give you the strength you need to forgive yourself for doing things that have been bothering you. Being forgiving of yourself is not necessarily giving yourself a pass for every mistake, nor is it necessarily forgiving everyone else who wrongs you.

Loving yourself and forgiving yourself are two different things. If you can love yourself and forgive yourself, then you begin to see that there is not only room for improvement, but that there is always room for improvement. It’s okay to not be perfect and it’s okay to not be the best possible version of yourself.

I get it, forgiving yourself can feel like a cop out or an excuse. When your actions speak so loudly that no one wants to listen, accepting responsibility and trying again does not feel like enough. It can feel like you are not trying hard enough or doing something wrong.

Forgiving yourself, when you have done wrong, is the first step towards the road of recovery. Forgiveness is allowing yourself to move on from something in your past you cannot change. It is allowing yourself to move forward with your life and make new mistakes rather than dwelling on the ones that have already been made.

Forgiving yourself means that you do not see failure as a reason to stop trying. Trying not to take your failures too seriously can help you to move forward. You are human, you are allowed to make mistakes, and if you forgive yourself for the mistakes you have already made, then you have taken the first step towards allowing yourself to become better.

You can never go wrong by acknowledging your flaws and working on them. If the only way for you to learn is by making mistakes. In the end, forgiving yourself is a choice. Each person has to find their own way into forgiveness.