It’s Time To Stop Feeling Guilty For Choosing Yourself

It’s time to stop feeling guilty for choosing yourself or putting yourself first. It’s time to stop feeling guilty when you don’t please people or overextend yourself to them like you used to. It’s time to stop being influenced by their words or their opinions as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing and convinced that it’s the right thing for you. It’s time to stop feeling guilty that you might disappoint some people, because most of them don’t think twice before disappointing you. It’s time to stop letting guilt affect your personal growth or your healing. 

It’s time to stop feeling guilty for saying no or calling people out or setting new boundaries with them. It’s time to stop feeling guilty for changing, because if you stay stuck trying to be who people expect you to be, you will never truly go beyond certain limits. It’s time to stop allowing people to make you feel like you’re not good enough because you’re not behaving in the way they want you to. It’s time to start owning who you are, doing what’s best for you, and protecting yourself at all costs, because that’s the only thing that will help you overcome being used or manipulated. Most people won’t come to help you or guide you when you’re lost; you will only have yourself, your wisdom, and your strength, so you need to cultivate these attributes instead of suppressing them to please others. 

It’s time to stop feeling guilty for being happy and choosing to stay away from someone’s drama or constant manipulation. It’s time to stop letting others guilt trip you when you don’t do what’s best for them. It’s time to start beating them at their own game and setting your own rules and standards. It’s time to truly protect your energy and yourself from being easily swayed left and right by what people think or expect of you.

It’s time to choose distance over being close to someone who constantly wants you to go against your needs and desires. It’s time to choose absence over being present with someone who disrespects you or drains you. It’s time to choose privacy over constantly sharing your business with those who end up using your weaknesses or your secrets against you. It’s time to choose yourself wholeheartedly without being shamed for it, because not everyone wants to see you win and not everyone wants you to be happy, so you have to always look out for yourself first, then extend yourself to others—at least the ones who truly accept you for who you are and want to see you win.