Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Engagement Proves Timing Is Everything

“I don’t think anybody was more surprised than us,” Jennifer Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres during her February appearance on the talk show. “No, you never could imagine something like that could happen. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Of course, Lopez, 52, was discussing her rekindled romance with Ben Affleck, 49. The couple, who dated and were also formerly engaged in the early 2000s, reconnected in 2021. And now, Affleck and Lopez have shared the news that they are engaged again.

As Lopez and Affleck’s engagement shows, timing is truly everything when it comes to relationships. Affleck and Lopez needed to be apart before they were able to come back together as a solid couple. They needed to live out their other love stories before they settled on the one they are now sharing together. All they needed was time.

Affleck and Lopez aren’t the same people they were when they first met in 2002, just as none of us are the same people we were even five years ago. This is because human beings were made to evolve. No one gets through this life without becoming and shedding various versions of themselves along the way. And this is exactly why timing is so important.

It doesn’t matter if you could fall in love with each other at 33 if you’re only 22 when you first meet. You showed up early. It’s the wrong time. You wouldn’t plant a garden in the middle of December. No matter how much you watered your flower beds, nothing would grow. It’s the same with love.

Love will always show up on time if you trust it to do so. Just make sure you’re checking the right watch.