Kim And Jimmy Are Proof That Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough

Kim And Jimmy Are Proof: Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough

If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Better Call Saul, Fun and Games (6.09), be careful because there are spoilers ahead!

One of the most heartbreaking lines of the series was uttered by Kim Wexler during her breakup with Jimmy: “You asked if you were bad for me. That’s not it. We are bad for each other… I have had the time of my life with you, but we are bad for everyone around us. Other people suffer because of us. Apart we’re okay, but together we’re poison.”

Just because you love each other doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be together. You might care about this person more than anything else in the world. You might have a whole future mapped out for yourselves. But that doesn’t mean that you should stick with them through it all. It doesn’t mean you should forgive them for every mistake and let them do the same for you. Sometimes, it’s better to walk away from a relationship that isn’t working. Even though it will hurt like hell to say goodbye, it must be done if staying together will be just as volatile.

Remember, you should like who you are around your partner. If they’re turning you into someone you’re not, if they’re bringing out the worst sides of you, then you owe it to yourself to walk away. You need to put active effort into becoming the best version of yourself – and if leaving this person is what it takes to set you back on a better path, then you need to go for it. Being alone for a while might be exactly what you need to find yourself again, to remember what you stand for and what is most important to you.

You should love your partner enough to let them go if the relationship isn’t working. Don’t allow yourselves to get caught in a dangerous cycle where you’re hurting this person, yourself, or the other people around you. Love on its own isn’t enough. You can’t stay together simply because you have feelings for each other. There needs to be respect and comfort and joy too. The relationship needs to be healthy for both parties, otherwise you’re only bringing each other down – and if you really love each other, that isn’t what you want for either of you.

Kim and Jimmy are proof that sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to part ways so you can live the lives that were meant for you. Sometimes you need to choose the hardest path in order to create a better future for yourself. Sometimes you need to walk away from your best friend even though they don’t want you to go.

Of course, we know that Saul isn’t exactly happy without Kim – and we don’t know how Better Call Saul ends yet — so there could be a happy ending in their future. But if there is, it’s because they spent time apart. It’s because Kim did what was necessary for her own sanity, and if they find their way back to each other, it will likely be because they’ve grown into people they actually like. People who can be healthier together.