Kiss Me Like We Only Have Today

Kiss me the way we were born to believe in kisses. The way it’s portrayed in movies. Music soaring, heavy breathing, slow motion. The turning point where passion prevails over insecurity and two souls finally clash. A moment where intensity and intimacy merge, and your very being swells. A kiss that consumes.

Kiss me like it’s the only thing on your mind. Interrupt me mid-sentence, push me against a wall. Claim my desire and dominate what I have to give. Fuel my yearning by surpassing it with your own. Let the heat spread and burn while it monopolizes my senses. Have the urgency to speak as everything else drowns. 

Kiss me unexpectedly and catch me off guard. Lingering touches and a longing gaze. Softly but surely, a wondrous dance. A gentle scene that grows in certainty. Stir the fires that simmer inside. Coax out my heart and tantalize the strings. Lead me to a summit with splendor galore. Harmonious yet magnificent. A power that sings. 

Kiss me as though I’m the only one. Like your lips have known no other. Like the blaze we share is the one to eternalize. As though the present obliterates all other meaning. Where rapture bursts and captures lust. Where vigor and beauty draw you in. With raining colors that mesmerize anew. A kiss that sears so deep within. That should the mind forget, the body never will.

Kiss me like we only have today. Where promises don’t matter and a future is unconcerned. Where every fiber craves for the other. That if the world was ruined, our story would live. Flying free from the burdens of time and pride. Surrendering to the mercy of all that we feel. Kiss me like we only have today. So that if I lost you tomorrow, this kiss would last forever.