Learn To Mother Yourself, Darling

You deserve all the love in the world, darling. 

You deserve to be seen, heard, understood, and deeply cared for at all times. 

You deserve to be held tightly on those dark, lonely nights. 

You deserve all the love and some more combined in this world. 

And you get to have it all, if only you nurture and mother yourself, darling. 

Because the truth is, you will chase this feeling of love, and even when seemingly found, something won’t feel right. 

Simply because if you can’t nurture and mother yourself, you will never feel fully loved. Completely understood. Wholly enough. Entirely deserving of love. 

And that’s the saddest part of it all—because you deserve all this love and some more. 

Mother-daughter relationships need some healing for many of us, whether you had the world’s best or worst mother. Because let’s be honest for a second—she wasn’t a hero, nor a superhuman. She was only a human with her own pains and wounds to heal. Not perfect or loved enough by those who came before her. 

Until she had you… until you chose to come here to learn and to grow. Out of all the mothers you could have had, you chose her. This woman, with all her flaws and imperfections, gave life to you. 

Even if she did her very best, she couldn’t possibly give you all that you need, most likely because she longed for the very same things, maybe even more. 

But you do get to choose. Choose to meet your own needs and to give yourself all that you craved. Give yourself love, care, attention, and quality time. 

You can choose to love yourself and her because she did her best when she could have given her worst. 

She taught you lessons directly or indirectly—something that will always be a part of you. 

Ask yourself, what did she teach you? 

What did you crave the most as a child? Think of ways you can give it to yourself today and for as long as you live.

If your mother was a child, what would you teach her? How would you love her?

Care for yourself deeply, darling, because no one else can give you what you need the most.

Sing to yourself. Care for yourself. Adore yourself. Shower yourself in softness, compassion, devotion, and attention you always wanted.

And while you are at it, send some love to your mother. Chances are, if you need this deeply, she probably does too.