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Let Go Of Your Fear—All It’s Doing Is Holding You Back

There is probably a reason why we fear. As a natural body response, to some extent, being afraid makes sense. Whether you are scared of something that might physically harm you, mentally have bad consequences for you, or you fear losing your sense of control, no matter what it is, fear is always a legitimate body response. 

Legitimate yes, but that doesn’t mean that we should let it consume us. 

I believe that there is beauty in everything if we take the time to understand its purpose. 

Fear was never meant to harm us. It is an innate protective mechanism. And as any other intuitive body response, it serves a purpose: to alarm us about a potential threat. 

Once we know, we just need to measure the level of danger and choose the best way to protect ourselves. 

But the coping mechanism becomes an issue when our fears are greater than our hopes, when we let our lives be dictated by our fears, when we risk becoming or continuously being enslaved by our fears. 

Life by definition is an experience to be lived, to be felt, and it implies having a sense of confidence. 

Now I know that we all have fears but there is strength in overcoming obstacles. There is a force in trying new things, living new experiences, and not letting your apprehensions overcome your happiness. I know it is easier said than done, but we need to start somewhere, right? 

Now, don’t get me wrong, throwing yourself out of a bridge might not be the best idea to overcome your fears. Very often, our fears are based on everyday struggles—fearing failure, judgments, loss, sadness.

Maybe you don’t realize it, but all those fears of yours need you. Your fears need your attention and care so you can help yourself and change your perception about what is and could be. 

We need to take back the narrative and realize that most of the time, fear is only a construct that is meant to diminish our strength. 

At this point, I believe that fighting our fears is a form of worship. Sometimes our fears seem so enormous that the only way to fight is to remember that there is someone much more powerful taking care of us. Why would you fear as long as you know that God is always by your side?