Pavel Danilyuk

Life Has Been A Whirlwind Lately, So Please Take Time For Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is the way forward. Life has been a whirlwind lately. If you don’t ground yourself by staying connected to the present moment, if you don’t take control of your thoughts and emotions, you’ll get lost in the debris. 

Life has been a whirlwind lately. Now isn’t the time to add pressure to yourself by ruminating about why you’re not doing or being enough. Now isn’t the time to weave a web of stories about how people have wronged you, treated you poorly, or talked down to you—even if it’s true.

This is a time for balance. It’s a time for paying attention to how you feel and how you’re functioning personally and socially. It’s a time to pay attention to how you’re managing your life and emotions. You might not be as level-headed as before. Now is the time to pray. Now is your time to look for hidden moments that allow you to sit in silence and reflect. Now is the time to speak to yourself kindly and watch your tone of voice. Now is a time for deep release. It’s a time to immerse yourself between the trees. It’s a time to dig your toes into the earth, feel the soil give way under your feet. This is a time to be gentle with yourself. This is a time to take care of your mental health.

Life has been a whirlwind lately. We’re all busy trying to survive. We’re working hard to actualize our dreams, mostly so we can disappear. We’re working hard to find new sources of income because we’re just getting by. We smile but are suffering in silence. We hide the strain we’re under, and to be honest, few people care. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to, but we’re brimming over the edge of capacity. We have nothing left to give.

Life has been a whirlwind lately. We’re easily triggered. We have intense emotional reactions because we can’t handle one more thing going wrong. We’re at the edge of sanity and keep ourselves safe by cocooning ourselves in delusion. This is a defense mechanism. Your brain is doing whatever it can to help you hold on to hope, to provide love, safety, and belonging where it’s otherwise lacking. Please know that healing is on the other side of facing the pain of truth. You don’t have to face your pain right now, during all the chaos in life, but please don’t delay it much longer.

At this moment, life is a whirlwind, and taking care of your mental well-being is a priority. I know you want to help everyone, but the best way is to build resilience to keep from unraveling yourself. I know you have people depending on you. You say, “I don’t have time to take care of myself,” but who else will? You don’t need to be at your best, and those who love you understand that you’re not always going to be. 

Life is a whirlwind right now. We will get through. We get through by taking care of ourselves, which helps create a healed space for others, if we so choose.