Savannah Dematteo

Life Is Short, So I’m Choosing To Love Every Minute Of It

I have given much thought to how short life is. How quickly the minutes tick by. How we don’t even know how long we have here. We don’t know if we have a minute, an hour, a day, or a year. We will never know when the clock of our life will stop ticking.

Even still, we waste so much of this “ticking time” worrying about things that don’t matter. Things that are petty and unimportant. We get caught up in ourselves and forget about what really truly matters.

To me, what matters is not what we did or what we said in our life, but how we made the people around us feel. How many times we smiled, how many times we laughed. How many times we said I love you, and how many times we said I’m sorry.

True happiness does not come from within ourselves, but rather from how we make the people around us feel. I know you’ve probably heard all this before, but it’s so true! And I, for one, so easily forget. I so easily get caught up in myself, my wants, my “needs”, and I lose sight of what really matters.

Life is too short to go through aimlessly. We have a bigger purpose planted within us. We just have to realize it.

Time is slipping through my hands every day. Everything I know today may not be tomorrow. Life is always changing. And I don’t want to miss out. I don’t want to look back and wish that I would have done something different. That I wouldn’t have cared so much about the little things that don’t matter.

I want to love deeply, care greatly. I want to give freely and bend easily. I want to stretch further than I thought possible. I want to learn more than I thought I could ever know. I want every day to be better than the last. I want to look back on these days and smile because the memories are just too blissful not to. I want to live every second of every day and love every step I take. I want to show love to everyone who enters my life. I want to be the reason someone smiles, the reason someone laughs. I want for everyone I meet to walk away feeling a bit lighter than before. I want to live for others, not for myself.

I have a truly amazing life. When I look, I see just how beyond blessed I really am. If only I could look more often.